Wyches Age

Session Two

The Way North

The Way North

The Fate of the Fallen

  • The story of our intrepid adventurers continued in the scattered villiage of Einsholm where Remus, Plato and Severian found themselves burdened with a simple decision: does their prisoner live or die?
  • Choosing to leave the prisoner to meet his fate at the hands of The Authority, our adventurers set off northwards to find their way back to the Trade Road.

A Sticky Situation

  • It was not long before the party became intimately familiar with the dangers of traveling in Ivoire. Despite sticking closely to a well traveled path, the party was soon beset by Oozes of all colors and sizes.
  • Battling through the Oozes proved taxing and of little reward but insufficient to impede their travel.

(Session ended)



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