Leader of the band of Elivandiluu



Jyoti, though as tattooed and wild as any of his comrades, has the unmistakable look of a Aelfar born of two worlds: the wilds of Elevandiluu and the High Cities of the Elfenbien. Weary at first of the motives of the party, Jyoti has quickly dismissed his natural prejudices and found our adventurers to be trustworthy both on and off the field of battle.


Notable Features

Cyrille is a charming youth with a deeply genuine smile. Her soft and mousey features belie an extraordinary prowess for combat.

General Characteristics

  • She is 5’4" tall and appears to be in her early 20’s.
  • She is marked as one born to great destiny radiant blue of her eyes.
  • Her hair is typically worn down, at neck length
  • She wears a white cloak emblazoned with The Authority’s seal, one denoting devotion to Chastity, over an ornate and delicately crafted suit of half plate.

Subtle habits

  • Cyrille does not like to be touched or touch others. To this effect, she will step away from anyone who gets too close and often stands aloof rather than amidst a group.
  • Though kind, Cyrille does not form bonds outside of working relationships.
  • Cyrille sometimes speaks telepathically rather than verbally. When caught doing so, she will blush and apologize.
  • When not engaged in conversation, she will almost always be reading from or writing in a personal diary.


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