Known pejoratively as “halflings” by the Aelfar and “dvergar” in the language of the Alps, Humans are by far the most largest and most diverse population in the world. The majority of their population is distributed between two major empires, Ivoire in the inner north and Quelia in the inner East, but many satellite states surround these large nations.

Player Humans

(See Humans)

Though not nearly as adept as the Aelfar, a penchant for Arcane magic courses through many bloodlines. Rarely, magic will also crop up in unexpected places or fade out over many generations. Very few humans draw power from alternative sources.

Race Relations

Humans are looked upon disdainfully as half-animals by the Aelfar, and the Alps are distrustful of Humanity’s affinity with magic, but humans bear no special animosity towards either. Relations with the Aelfar tend to be strained, and limited to very sporradic trade.


(See Ivoire, Marfill, Eburo, Avorio, Quelia)


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